“California means to America what America means to the world.”

California has always represented the essence of the American Dream. Optimism, adventure, opportunity. We are the home of free spirits, rebels, people from all over the world who dream big and work hard. 

There’s nowhere better than California. Our beautiful Golden State has been an inspiration to so many, for so long. Still today our innovation connects the world. Our creativity entertains the world. Our farmers feed the world. 

In California, we build the future. We shape the culture.

But everyone can see that things have gone off track. California is now as famous for dystopian scenes of public squalor as for our magnificent landscapes. Upward mobility – the foundation of the California Dream – is under threat as it becomes increasingly difficult to get on the housing ladder, to afford the basics of the good life. Crime is up. The quality of life is down.

In 2022, for the first time in our state’s history, California lost representation in the Congress thanks to the exodus of people and businesses to other states.

We need to turn things around. Together.


Our mission

Golden Together will develop and advocate positive, practical policy ideas to help solve California’s problems. We are non-partisan, and open to everyone who wants to help restore the California Dream. We will focus on common sense solutions that can win broad support across the political spectrum. Join us!